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Originally Posted by keymasterryuko View Post
Do you think we will work?
You mention emotional abuse a couple of times in your post. Is this an emotionally abusive relationship?

If it is, I think it is foolish to continue with this association.
If it is not, I think you should stop saying that it is and stop being dramatic.
Originally Posted by keymasterryuko View Post
I know its not me in any way...but what can I do?
Imagining that you are alone on an island surrounded by the problems of your romantic partner is fantasy. He has his part in how your relationship works out, and you have yours.

I would move away from this kind of thinking and work to take responsibility for the fact that you are in this relationship and you have profound impact on how it works out (including if it is ended).

Originally Posted by keymasterryuko View Post
That her happiness was important, even if it meant him being in anguish whenever she was out with someone else. I didn't know how someone could go through that and then subject it on someone else later in life.

He chose to be in that relationship of his own free will.
You are choosing to continue this relationship of your own free will.
As an adult, you are 100% accountable for the actions you take. Passing this responsibility off on someone else is not going to help your emotional growth.
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