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-It makes me feel special and truly loved, and I don't think I could get that same feeling if I knew there were other people on the side, despite what I've heard about it being possible.
-It's simpler, I'd rather deal with my one lover and his issues with work or friends or what have you than deal with extra relationship nonsense.
-I don't have to delve into the deepest trenches of my insecurities to figure out why I have abandonment issues and jealousy issues. Though, considering I'm here trying to figure out how to budge myself into finding a way to make this work, it is time to get the spelunking gear. I have no idea how to go about that. He tried to help before but because I was so unsure it was too pressured to make me feel safe and secure.
-It doesn't entail the wrenching thought of my lover being with another woman. Him with another man, which I'm still open to, doesnt make me feel as threatened. Yes she is different than me, but when it comes down to it there's a very primal sense of him being mine and needing him to be true to me as the only female.
-Objectifying people is wrong, yes, but honestly I've always loved the idea of being owned by one man. In an equal and honest way, without aggravation or dominance. I loved the thought that I was his, and he was my only precious treasure. To me there is something unspeakably beautiful about that. I know it is childish and selfish (if you think he is that great then why not share him with the world?)
-There is no sense of worry, that they will leave you for someone new and shiny. NRE is hard to deal with firsthand when it fades. So dealing with him having NRE with a girl who has (insert qualities here that I lack) would be very painful.
-It is how I pictured my future. Very 50s sitcom, he walks in the door "honey, I'm home" and I fix him a drink and we have wild kinky sex wherever we choose and fall asleep gaming together. (we had the best sex life.)
I can't really think of much else right now. Currently sleep deprived and in an airport trying to visit sick relatives. I've always been accepting of the idea for others but knew it was never me. Hearing that he "could be happy with just me, and he was throughout the relationship" both made me feel secure and concerned. I'd like to explore every dirty, disgusting insecurity I might have for this endevour. Any and all assurance, advice, assistance and the like are greatly appreciated.
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