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Default Hi there, everybody...

Repeating myself a little from the Personal Summary thingy, but...

Hello, all, I'm Zanie.

I'm married (25 years this summer). We've been poly (mostly theoretically poly) for four years or so. In that time I have had two short-lived relationships (less than six months each) and my husband has had one, equally short. My last relationship ended two years ago when my friend moved halfway across the country and I realized I was not cut out for LDR's.

We've been in kind of a holding pattern ever since, working a lot on our own relationship, dealing with changing some old habits and dynamics. We have two kids (16 and 12) who take up a lot of our time and resources and it's hard to get out and meet people (or even have a regular old social life ).

I would like to "get out more"; it would be nice to date, or be able to have the kind of friend-to-lover connections that I envisioned when we started talking about this four years ago. My idea of the perfect intersection of poly and my life is an interconnected tribe of lovers and friends, social connections into friendship into romance and sex into tribe. All connected, all intertwined.... For various reasons I think it's unlikely that will ever happen, but it's a nice dream.

I wandered over here from Polyamorous Percolations, after following a link on some else's profile. I used to write a column over on the Percolator, in the beginning of our poly explorations, but that was a long time ago. At the moment I'm a moderator for the Chicago Polyamory Meetup site, and we even make it to some events some times.

I may not post much, I tend to lurk a lot. I have a feeling that I don't come across the same online as I do in real life and that makes me cautious about being too forward. But if it seems I have something useful to contribute I probably will.

Anyway, hi...
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