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Default Hi ImaginaryIllusion

I guess I didn't make that clear huh? I do apologize. I fancy myself to be an author but have nothing published in hard copy. I have published some short stories and novellas on a particular erotic website.

My interest in polyamory is more personal than scientific. It originated with a documentary I viewed on cable TV. I was intrigued at the prospect of loving more than one person at a time in a committed relationship.

Most recently I am working on a novel that I hope I will post on that same erotic website. Several of the characters in my novel practice polyamory within a select small group of adults. Many of them are also nudists. They all reside in a private community and are wonderful people. I enjoyed a comment I found on a naturist website recently. The person said he was a nudist not stupid! He said he was a nudist when practical and wore clothing when necessary!

Their struggles are from negative press, horrid attitudes of narrow minded individuals and dangerous actions from others who try to do one or more of them harm in some way. One character (who is not a member of the polyamorous group) tries to kill another simply because they disagree with the polyamory lifestyle. Such is the nature of hate huh? Rest assured that horrid character will be dealt with appropriately.

Although I do not practice polyamory myself I would never say or do anything harmful or offensive to anyone who does. I believe I need to understand the lifestyle better (from a personal perspective not an impersonal documentary or written article on the subject) in order to make my characters' actions and reactions believeable.

Thanks for replying so quickly!
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