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Wink been a while

so last i blogged was i had a date for last saturday, i think. well that ended up cancelled. DH had a tooth infection that started the Thursday before the weekend. When I woke Friday morning I "sensed" (I do have some good intuition or esp or something) this guy Matt had sort of or was going to "disappear" on me. He said he was still interested, extremely overworked, ill etc. Friday at midnight took DH to ER due to swelling of face. That was our best experience ever in an emergency room. The staff was friendly and cracking jokes left and right.

Saturday Matt still kept leading me on, that's how I feel about it, that he was still interested etc. Tuesday night we actually met. He is a veteran, very young too, and is on 3 types of pain pills and has moments of intensity and moments of depression. I liked him but I can't deal with the emotional rollercoaster. We parted as friends.

During this time DH had some luck on okc. One had planned a date and then cancelled. The day she cancelled another lady actually was very interested in him. They had their first date Friday night. He had lots of fun. I only had an issue with him not giving me a heads up on how late he was going to be. If she lived in town, there would have been none but being 45 minutes away I started to worry he was ok as it got closer to 2 am. I knew they might drink and he hadn't text to say when he'd be home.

Friday night has led us to have a few boundaries in place for now. These "rules" are malable, evolving and changeable as each of our relationships evolve to deeper emotional relationships. Love is ever changing. We both admit if we did not have kids...less boundaries at this time.

All of this is good for us. Once he got home and showered we had awesome sexy times of our own. During the night the kids kept me busy, I didn't experience any yucky feelings and once the house settled into slumber my hand satisfied me.

Their next date is Wed. It was scheduled for Tuesday but I'm having a biopsy of my thyroid tumor (it was discovered during last pregnancy and now has grown to a size that dictates this procedure). Lucky me. If it's cancerous, I was told by the endocrinologist who found it "it's the best cancer to get". I've been living with this knowledge for 2 years 8 months now. I'm scared and relieved at the same time. Finally it will get resolved. It will either be benign and gone after the biopsy or is cancerous and treated. I will finally be free of a nagging fear that I have not been able to do anything to fix it myself.

During the time Matt was playing me, online I met a few others. One who is interested in dating is PV (yes his first name is same as PRs--I thought that was weird). He's on the road right now and expects to be home in a couple of hours. I want to go and not get much sleep tonight but I also want my sleep. The trials of liking someone.

I do miss the forum and wish I could be on more. I am in a happy place, feeling lots of love for my husband, very excited he's met someone and that our journey in poly has began slow.

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