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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
May I ask upon what you base your assumption that your lady love and her husband will always have so much more together than the two of you? Is that because of the biology of their offspring or something else?
I don't really think it's biology as much as it is my fear of always being secondary. Our relationship will always be closeted (this is not ideal, I know... but it's just the way it is). I want her on my arm—not because I want the whole world to see—but because I enjoy the freedom of expressing my love openly without worry. But that is just simply not an option for us. She and her husband are a package deal. They belong together, and everyone knows it. They don't have to hide their affection. But I do. They will have holidays together. They have eternity together. And although neither of them have EVER made me feel like the third wheel, I definitely feel like I am a lot of the time.
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