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Default Short update

I should write more often. Just to remind myself later on of the things as they felt at the time.

WI and AM and I were at a party recently. Since we're pretty deeply in the closet about being together (though talking about how and when that might change), WI and I got to act like a couple... while AM got hit on. Her dress WAS pretty hot, her smile so pretty... but we were all frustrated by it. Later on, there was dancing and we three danced together the whole time. Muuuuch better.

Today, the usual texts and communication. Dates are planned for the week. A few errands run for each other.

I wonder when we'll be able to leave this closet. AM and I are more ready but also more reckless. WI isn't ready. And the timing isn't right, for professional and still personal reasons. Maybe someday. Who knows. Maybe never.
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