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Home from Murf 's house.

It was a so so weekend. Friday was fine. We spent a quiet evening in had pizza for dinner and the kids watched tv. (We haven't had tv at the other house in 6 months due to finances and the fact the kids really don't need to be glued in front of it.) I slept like the dead but I always do when I am with Murf.

Saturday I lost several hours with Murf Directv was scheduled to come between 12-4. Why Butch scheduled the service call then. I do not know. Especially since he had to leave at 2 for work. Long story short.. they didn't show up. They sent the technician to the wrong address. Then wouldn't talk to me about fixing the mess even though I am Butch 's legal wife. Yet when I helped Murf get it they gave me no issues as the girlfriend.

Today we showed the 1969 Olds 442 at a local car show. I got snuggle time on the couch watching football. Unfortunately the kids and I had to head for home. They have school tomorrow.
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