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Alas, the Wikipedia article on public breastfeeding is a little vague in some respects and largely focuses on public opinion. There are mentions of legal statutes but the statutes don't sound very clear, and seem to have been somewhat inconsistently applied. The article says almost nothing about the Middle East, really just a mention about Saudi Arabia and women being completely covered there.

I guess I'm not completely sure what to think? For instance I don't really know how men being separate from women in general plays into it.

The most I could tell about the United States is that public breastfeeding usually has pretty good legal support, but often poor social support which almost seems to overwhelm the law.

Canada seems to have a similar legal/social dichotomy as does the United States, even though I guess Canada has somewhat of a movement to regard women's breasts as no more sexual than men's breasts? but I don't think that movement really has all that much popular support so far.

Some countries seem to have some sort of private facilities set up for breastfeeding (as in, facilities that are legally required and protected).

Personally I'd rather see public breastfeeding not made such a big deal of, of course. But, I have learned that a whole lot of my "fellow Americans" have a lot more conservative of views than I do. I guess that's about the most I can say about my personal experience.
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