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Default Feeling lucky!

Hi all

Okay, I am just back from the visit with my friend and the guy and things seemed to go well!

We set off yesterday morning and got there about lunch-time, met up for coffee in Waterstones. Me and my friend (from now on I will call her L) got there first and were very nervous, lots of butterflies. And when the guy (from now on, he can be SB) got there, we did spend the first 5 minutes being very giggly!!

After a bit, we went back to his place, and listened to music, chatted, danced, drank coffee, watched DVDs..... and SB cooked for us!! And very quickly, it was getting on to "Do we stay or do we go?" territory.

Me and L had a quick unspoken conversation and agreed to stay the night, although with no conditions. SB was very happy with this (lol)! Let's just say that between agreeing to stay (about midnight) and actually leaving (about 2pm this afternoon) we both got to play with SB separately!

There is/was a certain about of wibbles - based mostly around access to SB, but we have discussed it and are working through what we all want. So far, we all want this to continue.

So now asking for advice? Are there any points you can give all of us (L, SB and me) to help smooth things along? Anything we should be discussing immediately, anything that might come along and bite us if we don't talk about it now?
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