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Yeah, C lives about an hour and a half away, so any relationship we have would be long distance and more casual. I am not sure if I could handle that - I am already having difficulties with M being 40 minutes away. I know I would see C at least once a week, but that is just when I go play WarMachine with M. That isn't a relationship! We would have to work something out. I do have Tuesdays free now, and though M initially seemed excited about that, nothing has come of it with us.

Also, maybe C really is just a shameless flirt. He might not be looking to date me at all. I need to talk to M more too. He made a comment a week or so ago about being glad C smoked, because before I realized that, he was getting worried. Then he laughed. So I am not at all sure about his feelings on the subject. However, he has made several - well, at least 3 - comments about how I should sleep with and date C.

Oh wow, do I love M! I wouldn't want to hurt him for the world, much less C. I don't know C well at all, at this point. Just thinking about M gets me all squee and smiley.

Gah! Total new topic. M messaged me last night because our plans for the week are Wednesday date day, sleepover and then Thursday playing WarMachine (where I will see C). Apparently, Wednesday is his 10 year wedding anniversary. I was like, dude, we need to reschedule! He went around and around - apparently his son works M, T, Th and F, so he couldn't come over any other evening, so if he stays with his wife on Wednesday, the two of us won't have time together. I told him he needed to be with her, so his suggestion was maybe have her go out with us Wednesday night! I told him that would make me feel VERY uncomfortable. He finally came back and said he thinks they are going to celebrate on the weekend, so our plans could remain the same. I asked him - wouldn't he be weirded out, sleeping with me on his wedding anniversary?! He said he didn't know. I told him to get back to me with firm plans.

Just wow.
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