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Originally Posted by Heart View Post
........We both understand and can relate to people wanting separate relationships in the poly community. However we are not looking for that. We want to openly share our life (together) with others; no separation required. This implies that we only want to pursue relationships in which we both share an attraction and real connection with the other person or people involved. We are very lucky to have found one another. We want to feel that joy with others, together.
Welcome Heart(s),
Hope you feel welcome here and contribute your own wisdom & path to the tribe here.

Only a comment on your above quote.
One of the reasons you will see people seemingly pursuing what might appear to be separate connections is just due to human nature. We're all unique human animals and it seems that what we connect on with others can vary. This makes it difficult (although certainly not impossible) to get that level of connection with paired couples. It's often the case that 2 or even 3 of the four (or more) seem to make a desirable connection but a 4th may not connect with one (or more) of the others.
If this makes sense.
I mention this only to help you avoid forming unreasonable expectations which can lead to frustration & disillusionment.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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