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First, welcome.

Second, I'm sorry you had a bad first experience with polyamory. It's not all like that, I promise! You just have to be on the lookout for people who don't seem to know what polyamory really is. A few months ago I was approached by a couple seeking a unicorn. I figured out over the course of one lunch date that all they really wanted was a sexual plaything to liven up their miserably failing sex lives, and a babysitter that they didn't feel obliged to pay.

Poly is a wonderful lifestyle, for those who truly want to make the emotional connections, and for those who have the maturity, respect, and discipline to make those multiple connections work. I'm sorry that the first couple you dated wasn't like this, but I'm glad that you're here to learn more, and not shutting out polyamory completely.

At any rate, I hope you find what you seek on these boards. See you around!

Also, let me be the first to point you to Franklin, the poly guru:
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