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Originally Posted by Dormouse View Post
Hiya, more intro things, well!
So I'm living near Edinburgh and hoping to see some more people in the Scotland group soon. I agree it would be great if there were more people on here from the UK. Do I really need to read Opening Up? is it that good? I like Redefining Our Relationships by Wendy O Matic, heard of that? Music? Possibly for reasons connected with current affairs I felt the need to play lots of Billy Bragg this week.
Hi Dormouse
I'm also living near Edinburgh with 2 people. In general I find around here that I am considered at best an oddity! If you're living with more than one person and are not a student, people do react strangely. There doesn't seem to be a group here but if you'd like to meet for a coffee and friendly chat on the state of the world, just DM me.
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