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Default A Deep Subject

Here's a long reply. I hope that most of you will find it entertaining at the very least, but I would like to open peoples minds to other perspectives.

I would like to point out that I really appreciate the the ladies have been honest and admitted that different size penises do feel different.

I also want to point out that many of us males would rather be the one to provide our ladies with the more intense penetration experience, rather than be appreciated for other sexual attributes or qualities. This feeling is very deep rooted, and I would say that it is almost primal.

Being able to receive oral sex more frequently in no way makes up for not being able to deliver more pressure during penetration. It doesn't for me. My penis is just slightly on the generous side of average, and my partners do not take it completely into their mouth, and I do not feel shorted by that. Also, I would not be impressed if a woman did. In fact, I would see it as evidence that my penis is smaller that I'd like for it to be, and it would have an overall negative impact on me. I have never been enthusiastic about receiving oral for that very reason. I've always wished that my penis were so thick that women would prefer not to give me oral sex. That would be an amazingly easy trade off for me.

As it is now, I don't reach orgasm during oral sex unless her bottom is in my face while doing 69. Then, her bottom being in my face turns me on, and overrides my lack of interest in receiving oral sex.

Regardless of how I feel about my penis, it turns me on to know that she has a well endowed lover, and that she likes the size of his penis. I guess that I live vicariously through well endowed guys, and that is OK with me. It has given me some very powerful fantasies, and some very intense orgasms. I've felt like I was buzzing. I saw stars while dreaming of such fantasies, or while reading forum replies (on other forums) from women that appreciate feeling "filled up".

One other thing that is behind my opinion of size is that I'm bi. I only enjoy receiving with males, and not giving. I've noticed a difference in the way penetration feels with different size penises. Thicker penises put more pressure on the prostate (or front wall of the vagina), and on the sensitive nerves at the opening (of either orifice). So, I have had first hand experience myself.

What do I do to be at peace while having sex with my girlfriend? I rely on being creative and romantic. Not necessarily at the same time either. I have realized that being "fun" goes a long. I have long had being "romantic" down pact. Now, I'm exploring being fun. At this point, my partner and I are just beginning to explore raw sex, meaning sex just for the sake of it, as if we are animals . Since we had been making love so much, this change up will make sex more fun. I'm also going to be more spontaneous, and even slightly more dominant. All with her positive approval.

I also use bigger dildos with her sometimes. That satisfies my primal urge to be the one filling her up. Also, she enjoys the slight stretching sensation. An added benefit of playing with larger dildos is that I've learned that 90% of women have vaginas that are 7" deep or less, when very aroused. So, I'm less intimidated by my partners vagina. Knowledge can really be power. I realize that I'm actually not far from filling it up to her limit with my own penis, even though I can't feel the end of her vagina with the tip of my penis. Doing those things may seem like strange fixes to some of you, but they keep me happy and functioning well, when it comes to sex with my partner. I struggle with insecurities about being boring when my girlfriend and I are not being physically intimate. That's what trips me up, but I have my own thread about that.

* Here's some information that may help some guys. The noted gynecologist Robert Latou Dickinson found the average maximum aroused AND stretched depth of the vagina to be 6". That measurement included the depth of the vulva. We can't feel the end of the vagina with 6" penises because some of the penis length is lost between the two bodies, depending on the position. Also, I believe that we press into the end of the vagina, yet we do not feel like we are actually venturing near the end. It is called the posterior fornix. Further, thickness makes more of a difference than length, for most people that enjoy being penetrated by a penis.

** Someone mentioned earlier that vaginas can't be measured easily. I disagree. All you need is a safe, clean, rigid phallic-like object, and a method of marking the spot that the edge of her labia will reach. Then, you measure the object later. I used a glass/pyrex dildo. At her absolute max, she took it to the flare on the base. So, the mark was already there. I measured it that night from the flare to the tip. It was 7". It didn't bend or squish down, and therefore gave a more accurate measurement. If you use a cucumber, you can make a mark with your fingernail right at the edge of her labia, when the cucumber is in as deep as possible. You will be suprised, only a minority of women are 8" +.

I know that what I've written will produce a variety of reactions. I'm prepared for it .
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