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I don't have a problem with people wearing clothes in the colder regions of the world. We need them for warmth.

I don't have a problem with fashion, unless someone is obsessed to the point of spending more than they can afford on it. Putting together an awesome outfit from thrift store items you spent $2.99 each on is lots of fun!

I reckon when humans were still living in the tropics, and became upright, using hands, tools, we soon fashioned a garment for function-- a belt with a pocket for our favorite tools! After that, we started wearing some clothing items for several reasons-- status, religious symbolism, artistic outlet, tribal recognition. Humans are complicated beasts.

I've been to a nudist camp and noticed people still flaunt some style by the hat they wear, the shoes/socks on their feet, and even the towel they carry to sit on. The camp I went to prohibited body piercing jewelry, which I thought was weird.

Clothing became more of an issue when societies became civilised. Egyptians didn't wear much, but had a great sense of style. A cool linen skirt, fabulous jewelry, intricate sandals.

However, as we see in the first story in Genesis, the Hebrews, beleaguered as they were by the huge empire of Egypt, asserted tribal loyalty and unity by insisting on long modest robes, concealing the body, and covering the women's hair. The idea of modesty was expressed in the shame about nudity in the Adam and Eve story. Once people believed Yahweh wanted them to wear clothes, this requirement became easy to enforce.

Later, when Greece ruled the area, modest Hebrews covered themselves and were forbidden to take part in athletics so important to Greek society. These games were performed in the nude, as the athletic male form was idealized, valued and glorified in Greek culture. Oddly, their only form of modesty was to retain the foreskin. And the Jews removed theirs. But that's another topic.

These ideas about nudity being shameful have come down to us today from the popularity of a very old book, the Bible, written over 2000 years ago. The USA is especially prudish, puritanical, because of the form of Christianity popular when our country was founded. We are still struggling with these outdated morals today. I object to the prudishness that prevents women from feeling comfortable taking out a breast to feed an infant in public. When "morals" interfere with the health of society, it's time to take a look at these rules and change them.
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