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Default Comments Appreciated

Well, let me say 'thanks!' for the warm reception - it's much appreciated, and certainly well-received.

Vexxed - Definitely glad that she is open and expressive. This is our first foray into the poly world, and so far the single best result has been the remarkable increase in our communication. Really having to make sure the lines of communication are open, and that we're able to talk has been integral in making things work.

Breathesgirl, RickPlus - Good points, and thoughtful comments. This is the first time dealing with the NRE phenomenon, and I have been finding that with time and a chance to deal with my own thoughts and feelings that I have been a lot more secure in the closeness and strength of our bond. I guess it's a matter of internalizing what's been great growth in a lot of other areas, until this stops bothering me so much.

LovingRadiance - Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. I guess I just need to work on remembering the strong points and not let the insecurity bog me down so much, eh? I guess this is one of those things that will just fade over time with continued communication and a focus on the joy we find in our own intimate times together. Which, after all, it's not like they've gotten any less good, which is something that I should really keep in mind, I suppose!

To anyone who I didn't mention - thanks to you too, :-)

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