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I havent been responding to this issue publicly for many reasons.

1) I can't keep being GG's alter ego, I cant do everything for him. He needs to grow up and be a man.
2) If I was to go to that " game night", GG wouldnt bring LR up but I would have and I had palnned on bringing it up. Thing is that would just give his " friends" more ammo that not only was LR ruling over him so am I.
3) If I had things my way I would confront them in what ever manner I could ( as soon as I could) and give them a MAJOR piece of my mind and if fell apart then so be it. I feel like knocking teeth out and swelling eyes shut..................... But its not my way. It has to be GG's way.

Some of you may be thinking " yeah but its his friends and family". I did stand up for LR to my family. My bro and my Father both stepped backed and looked at the WHOLE picture and said OK we still love you all. My Mother however did not she choose the other path and hasnt talked to me or seen any of our kids in 11 years. RIGHT IS RIGHT and sometimes RIGHT is hard and painful.

I know this thread started as LR's issue with what is happening involving GG's friends and family and the past history. But I want to throw this out there for anyone that gets into a similar situation.

From MACA'S view,

As LR's Husband/friend/DOM I have a responsibility to protect and cherish her and her well being. Its a job that Im PROUD and HAPPY to have. So that being said, when her chosen B/F is the only one that can do anything about this hurtful situation ( for LR ) and he isnt/hasnt done anything about it. Then WHAT THE HELL am I supposed to do??? How do I protect her from GG. I know what I think I should do but in doing that I will hurt the one Im sworn to protect..... So I sit right on the edge NEVER letting LR fall and at the same time ready to pounce on anyone brave enough to try to hurt her or in GG's case niave enough to hurt her with out knowing what he is doing. Shitty place for a DOM to be Shitty place for anyone that loves someone to be.

So that being said, Please keep in mind that if there is somthing that you and only you can deal with and it affects others that you say you love. Then you owe it to your loved ones to FUCKING DEAL with it. Otherwise someone stronger then you will deal wioth it for you and the results wont be to your liking.......

Sorry I just needed to vent that out. Im really fucking pissed and my tounge hurts from bitting it for the last couple of weeks.

Peace and Love
" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl

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