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Default for the most part I agree

and I wouldn't be in a relationship with someone whom I had to make my bare minimum requirements like respect and honesty a rule that I had to keep track of. The thing is, everyone has those minimum standards and it doesn't make any difference to me if people I am not involved with have to write it out in a bill of rights.

Everyone has standards and while I'll admit that contracts are a little weird outside of some sort of written submission, what do I care if someone's rules have to be stated?

About eight years ago it wasn't the couples who were the bad guys it was the third wheel, but back then they weren't hot bi-babes they were cowgirls, and I've witnessed a lot of fucked up shit done to people in the name or "protecting" polyamory from this practicers of the wrong poly.

Instead of swinging to the other extreme, most days I just wish they would shut the fuck up and let people be whoever they want to be and choose any type of relationship they feel like with whoever willing excepts it

and the whole bickering in forums is pointless, as most of the terminology that people get hung up on isn't even used among actually partners, it's just the way that works to explain it online. And when the motivation to bicker is only because some author can't have anything contradict their proprietary method of poly my patience wears thin real quick

I don't know, fuck all that noise anyway, it's pointless to let it get to me
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