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Susan is completely don't ask/don't tell. She knows I have others, but it sends her into a emotionally bad place when I mention anyone but Kay.

On the other hand, she will tell me what is going on in her life with her men. However, this is because I repeatedly let her know that I was interested. It was a long time before she would let me in to that part of her life. I don't know if she enjoys having someone to talk to, or if she is doing it because she thinks I like it. Honestly, I have mixed feelings.

Kay will listen to anything I have to say, but isn't really interested one way or the other. She wasn't even hurt the first time I told her that I loved Susan.

But yes, Susan wants to pursue the fantasy of being my only one.
Me: 41 straight male in a V with
Wife: Kay - mono female - married 18 years
LDR ex? girlfriend: Susan - serial monogamist female - 4 year relationship ended? 9/29
Stakes - very intimate friend
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