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This seems odd. A whole month without any issues. In fact everything is going quite well.

Susan is still under lots of stress, but has been making some changes in her life to deal with them. She's taking more time for herself. I think it's working well for her. Overall, she seems happier. Only a month away from going to see her. I can't wait.

Kay read the Gray-A thread on here and totally identified with it. It was nice to know that other people feel the same way she does. Means I need to be more active about asking, and that I shouldn't be upset that she doesn't.

Sassanach and I had a long talk this week. She's always been worried that I'm going to run off to Susan and doesn't want to get abandoned like that. To be fair, it could happen. I like Sass a lot. I would love to pursue it and see where it goes. But she has both a husband and a boyfriend. We both have two kids. Have I mentioned she's the female alternate universe version of me? So, we are going to see where it goes. I'm not sure she's going to open up to me, but it's definitely worth exploring.

Stakes and I had a long conversation as well. We are on the same page. She likes to call it an 'incestuous' relationship. Siblings with benefits. Closer than friends. Truth be told, I'm not sure how interested either of us are in benefits. We flirt a lot, but there's so many other relationships involved, while not wanting to damage ours, that it's become a greater risk.
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