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Default It a perfect example

of how some authors are straight up assholes, I understand rivalry, but unless you subscribe to the "any attention is good attention" theory I would tell the authors in the comments to fuck off.

They fully understood where you were coming when you wrote the article, so I can only hope they know you personally or else I would take to mean the comments are written by either ignorants or assholes and they sound intelligent enough to be able to comprehend the meaning behind your words. So I am going to say jealous assholes.

It's hard to write an article that addresses common struggles regarding polyamory, and that article nailed it. It wasn't about you making a tragedy in his life about you, it was piloting your ship down uncertain waters in the boundaries of a being a married woman having a boyfriend who is also married, whom you are close enough with to talk to, but still feeling out those those more definitively lines of all your comfort levels

We all know that some people cannot take advice from metamours, hell some people cannot even meet their metamours face to face, so it's funny for other authors to flick you shit and I would guess it's either because they are part of the hypocrite high and mighty poly crowd, just jealous that you found an angle to talk about relevant poly issues that didn't sound completely fictitious, or it was actually some friendly banter among authors, I don't know, except for two women, all the authors I know are straight up assholes who have a problem with being not holding back all that inner assholism once they get being a a screen name.

I guess the misinterpretations are fairly benign, but personally when I see idiots commenting disingenuously it makes me log in without a screen name and more of less tell them to fuck off.

But it's not my place to cause such a scene, as if it doesn't bother you, it just makes me look like the asshole when I call people assholes

if that makes sense
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