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Originally Posted by Murasaki View Post
I like statistics.
Does anyone have the stats for V’s? success versus ending within say a year?
Oh and what Nycindie said, what is the success rate for people who “stumble” into a triad situation versus the previously described stereotype?
I don't have any big picture statistics...but my stats are:
We are not really a triad but a V: F-M-F, with me and Hubbs being together for 14 + years. He and His GF just celebrated their 1 year anniversary last month!

We are an 'accidental' V: Hubby and I divorced for 6 months. He and she started dating during that time. I was in a bad accident which made Hubby and I reevaluate our life choices. We decided we HAD TO stay together...But I had one caveat--He had to keep his GF!

The last year has had its ups and downs as we all learn to be in a relationship together and very day we learn more about each other and ourselves. There have been times when we have questioned if we were all right for each other. We've all learned to communicate our needs and our expectations, and we've all learned to compromise and trust and to share love even when apart. We're working on making our V good and strong and to provide value to each person.

Hubbs and I (and she and Hubbs) are really hoping for a lifetime commitment, and are all moving in that direction. We all get along well, have dinner together each month and can depend on each other for emergencies in the meantime. Hubbs is at her place 50% of the time and my place the rest of the time.

We are constantly working on ALL of the relationships, making them stronger and learning how to communicate as a V instead of as a couple and how to manage time and resources. We have a ways to go, but so far things are going good and the future, while uncertain, is looking really good for us.

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