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nycindie, that is a good point - that it IS new and different and unusual and awkward. So it's okay to acknowledge that and try to work out how it will work out.

Inyourendo, also good points. I don't actually know yet if I'm going to meet L, or if Morp intends to keep everything very separate. I do know that Morp does not intend to give me up; I assumed L was poly, since Morp's been poly for many years now and from what I understand, the only two times he was monogamous were for his two (short-ish) marriages, at the requests of his ex-wives. So I guess I assumed that if he did get back together with her, I would still be with him too. But I think you're right, I don't think it's likely they will want to get back together.

I guess mostly I just need to wait and see how things go, wait until I have more information from Morp about L, about CM, about how they are going to fit into his life, and therefore, how I'm going to continue fitting into his life.
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