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Re (from Lottie):
"Would love to hear some success stories, advice, experiences ..."
I highly recommend the Life stories and blogs board, it has a lot of stories and experiences of all kinds (from the successful to the not-so-successful), and it will probably provide you with some helpful wisdom and perspective.

Re (from Murasaki):
"Does anyone have the stats for Vís? success versus ending within say a year?"
Success versus ending within say a year, I don't know that we have that. But Dagferi's relationship configuration stats thread can be found at ...
... and it shows comparatively how many V's there are versus triads, etc.
Mind you, the poll is only accurate within the bounds of those who participated in it.

"Not all relationships last a lifetime, but that does not mean they were unsuccessful for the time they were there."
I guess you can call an ended relationship successful if the people who were in it consider it to have been successful.

I don't know if there's many (or any) studies out there that analyze success ratios for different kinds of poly configurations. Polyamory kind of isn't that thoroughly-studied of a subject yet. But if you find any studies like that, I'd be interested to see them.
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