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M Anderson here,

My story is simple. I've never been faithful to anyone and lived for years under the assumption that I am a cheater and going to burn in hell.

Then I met my besty who is Poly and she helped me understand the monogamous box my non-monogamous spirit was trying to fit into.

Two years later I am divorced....again. And happy to be living an honest life!

I am bi. I prefer men and love women if that makes sense. I am more interested in loving caring giving relationships.

I have been interacting with Poly couples but have never actually been in a Poly relationship as of yet.

I am a mature woman. Almost 40. Successful. I value fitness. I am a mother. A lover of the arts.....

I am looking forward to living Poly. I had a community of people in Omaha but in Cheyenne Wyoming there is nothing but chirping.....

Looking forward to meeting you!
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