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Default update time.

Well, I hadn't planned on being this long before posting again so here goes. We are still in our poly life and things are still moving along with D and J enjoying their weekends together. D continues to have some guilt but we are dealing with that and also some jealousy on my part but I have been keeping that in check pretty well. J is home every friday afternoon and I continue to give them that night together and most of the time saturday night as well. J brings his son for the weekend quite a bit and he stays with us although I bow out at bedtime on saturday normally to give them some private time together. Sunday is hit and miss although a good share of the time we spend that night the three of us together....not in bed but just around the house before J departs for the week again. Their love continues to grow and they are more open with affection as long as we are no kids around as we have not "come out" to them as of yet although I think on some level they know. D and J are going on a weekend trip in a few weeks and very much both looking forward to it leaving friday as soon as they can get away until sunday night sometime. D has some reservations about it but know they need that time to "gel" somemore with no distractions. Not sure how I will be that weekend but it should all be good. D would like me to also have the love she has with J but not only is that hard to find....finding a female seems to be harder then one would think. I wouldn't rule it out but as of now I am not expecting it to happen. J and D make a cute couple, it is nice to see her so happy with her having 2 men that adore her. We are headed into a weekend here with J just having a birthday this week so it should be a special friday/saturday with some talk of them going for an overnight away this saturday although not sure that will happen with our schedules but maybe. I will update more later and thanks for reading....
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