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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
My bf has..... a larger package than my husband.
I have expressed my deep enjoyment of the experience of that inside of me....
I sure wish my girlfriend would be open and share that information with me! (I'm somewhat bi, and I like large penises too) Her silence about his big cock is tougher to deal with. All I know is that it is big.

It's all well and good to note what your metamours do that your significant other enjoys. HOWEVER-it is JUST as important to note your OWN attributes that your significant other enjoys.
Wise words here. I'm so trying to do this myself.

As for vaginas, I do have a preference. I don't like small vaginas. Large vaginas are more fun for me to play with. I like playing with toys of a variety of shapes and sizes, and I love using my fingers. The more the merrier. I find large labia to be more visually appealing also. For me, a vagina feels good if it touches the sides of my penis. I don't desire a tight small one.
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