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Default Oh.

Well, gee, Mr. Crow, we aren't stupid, and you were indeed mocking us. The condescension dripping from the first paragraphs of your followup post would confirm as much for most folks who are, well, conscious.

We'd like to preface our fourth (and final) post on this board with one word that we'll save you the trouble of looking up: Polyfidelity, in which three or more people commit to having a closed relationship with each other and not getting involved with anyone outside the group. The term can be found in poly literature, both online and off, going back thirty years. You might wish to look into it. We have, and for quite some time.

We didn't just "decide" we wanted to "try on poly for size", nor did we "immediately think that there are lots of hot, bi babes just waiting to take up with a couple". You presume (and pronounce with great authority) a great deal that is not so.

And yes, we have "seriously considered thoroughly exactly what we're wanting". This isn't our first rodeo.

Most of the rest of your lecture on what is and is not "realistic" is your opinion, and of course, you are entitled to it. But as you (should) well know, polyamory refers to romantic love with more than one person, honestly, ethically, and with the full knowledge and consent of all concerned, and that's exactly what we're looking for. You are simply mistaken when you state that "if she's poly, she's into multiple relationships", unless you mean exactly the kind of triad we're looking for (or more).

The futility of finding the "unicorn" isn't what drove us away from this site today - we knew that part already. It was the conduct of and misinformation spread by a moderator. You mocked us, then talked down to us as though we were stupid and naive and just bumble-stumbled upon your site like ignorant babes.

While we appreciate the intent of your reply, we reject its content.

Everyone else, take care and good luck with whatever you're searching for.

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