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Yes, minor monogomous inclinations might describe it... I'm not sure. The girl from the SE came and stayed for two days. She came to bed with me that night and we picked up where we had left off which quickly led to a condom on and, well that's as far as we got because all I could think about was my girlfriend. I lost my erection and any sexual interest in the new woman right then and there. She was disappointed and I don't blame her. I had warned her that I had some impotence issues and was able to blame the lack of desire on my reaction to the condom when in fact it was a lack of desire for her. I like her but she doesn't make me feel sexy. So we cuddled for two nights and that was luscious. I loved sleeping with her and being around her but that's all I wanted.

They are gone now and my GF, (yes, married and here in the same town) was just here... I just love her. Holding her hand, holding her... she comes over and we sit on the couch. She always comes right into my arms and no matter where I touch her, it feels like heaven to me. She always turns me on but even just holding her hand is heavenly. I held her and kissed her ear for a bit and she didn't have much time but that short hour together warmed my heart more than two days with the other girl.
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