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So, am I reading this right, a second death, and a third death on the way? You certainly have been getting hit by the losses lately.

Did you know about your great aunt's passing before deciding to take Matt and the kids with you, or was it just relatively fortunate that you made that call? I presume you're still planning to visit your great-grandmother's gravesite?

I never knew my relatives that well, especially those of the older generations, as they all passed away before I was born or when I was very young. I barely remember my mother's mother, and my mother's father, I don't think I quite remember him at all. I just see pictures of him.

Just yesterday I received three photos from the cemetary in Halfway, Oregon, where my wife was born. Her headstone has been placed, and her grave is completed. It is a relief, a sense of closure. The engraving on the headstone looks just right, so all is well as far as laying her to rest is concerned. I guess in a way it's merely a necessary step in allowing me to start the mourning process for real, but at least I don't have to worry about it so much anymore.

Wow, what's up with your paternal family? They seem to have an addiction for traumatic excitement. You must have been adopted, as you're happier when things are peaceful. I'm glad your mum's family has let the matter of your ex drop.

That's a little sad that your best friend is just now expressing a renewed interest in you, and you're not really in a position to reciprocate. Sounds like she has quite a bit of love in her life to console her though.

"DH brought it up on the second leg of our journey here, and his opinions were not what I was expecting."
Can you elaborate? I am curious about this.

Hope the rest of your trip is a little more pleasant.
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