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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Ultimately it comes down to you-you need to understand that MEN identify their manhood through the size of their package, but WOMEN do NOT identify manhood in their men, through the size of those mens packages.
not to be a dick (pardon the pun) but this isn't 100% true. I do know women who outright refuse to have sex with men with average penises. Luckily they advertise this need for a giant baby arm ahead of time so most men are scared off. But these girls do exist. Maybe I have the misfortune of continuing to meet them.

I really wish I could find the reference, a long time ago I found an odd reference for penis to vagina size matches. Pretty funny animal references. Spoke too soon, found it.

The Kama Sutra describes these various types as such:
  • The Hare Man is a lively individual with a slight body type and a gentle manner. His lingam is considered to be of the small variety and measures about six finger widths in length, which is equivalent to about 4 inches.
  • The Bull Man has a sturdy body and holds himself with esteem. He is considered of a medium size and his temperament is hearty and energetic. When erect, he measures about eight finger widths, or 51/2 inches.
  • The Stallion, or Horse Man, is the largest of the three. He is said to be tall and muscular and has a sense of adventurism and daring. He measures twelve finger widths, which equals about 8 inches.
  • The Deer Woman is the smallest of the types of women. She’s of slight build, is gentle, and it is said that her secretions smell like a new lotus blossom opening. Her yoni is narrow and not very deep, thus she is best pared with the Hare Man.
  • The Mare Woman has a medium-size yoni. She is said to be sturdy in body, and conducts life with a flare. Her personality is positive and sensuous. She is best suited to partner with a Bull Man, and her vulva area is full and generous.
  • The Elephant Woman is large boned and often has a taller-than-average body. She is affable and agreeable and can have a rather ruddy complexion. She is best partnered with a Stallion Man as he can bring her deep yoni the most pleasure.
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