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My bf has..... a larger package than my husband.
I have expressed my deep enjoyment of the experience of that inside of me....

But that could NEVER replace what my husband can do for me.

I know-it's VERY hard to believe, when you feel like you are on the "negative" side of an equation. But the truth is an equation is equal on both sides, usually both sides are VERY DIFFERENT, but they are EQUAL or they wouldn't be an equation.

It's all well and good to note what your metamours do that your significant other enjoys. HOWEVER-it is JUST as important to note your OWN attributes that your significant other enjoys.

I know for me, I LOVE... crazy fast, hard sex. BUT-I am NOT able to do that with the bf, because his package is too much for that. We can have slow, romantic, loving sex, but there are DEFINITE limits beyond that.
However-with my husband, I can do both! AH the joys!!!

Ultimately it comes down to you-you need to understand that MEN identify their manhood through the size of their package, but WOMEN do NOT identify manhood in their men, through the size of those mens packages.

As GS asked another poster, what are YOUR positive qualities? Start focusing on them!!!!! If you REALLY put your mind to the matter in doing that, you will find that there are things that she loves about you that are just as important if not MORE important to her than the size of your tool........
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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