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I do have a spouse. I also have one partner where we are slowly creeping up on the three year mark, sometimes I think at some point in the future, this relationship may have to end even though it's a very happy relationship and our time together is certainly enjoyable. I also have one partner that I've been seeing less than a year, and I am sure this one has the potential to not end until maybe never. For me, the difference is one is integrating me into his life, and the other couldn't/wouldn't do that for various reasons. For me, this is probably what determines if a relationship has a shelf life or not for me.

Each person has their own criteria for what would work long term or not, I think it is very possible that even if a romantic relationship ends, other forms can continue. For instance, I'm starting to plan 21 years of friendship anniversary dinner for my ex husband right now, even long lasting romances don't always stay in the same form, that doesn't mean they weren't rewarding and successful. There are no guarantees, but there are also no for sure outcomes, and no reason to expect relationships will end if you choose somebody compatible and comfortable to spend time with with overlapping desires for the same sort of relationship.
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