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Originally Posted by Tesseract View Post
but she has a definite enthusiasm for his tool of the trade that she doesn't have for mine.
I'm the last member that they would recommend for giving advice about insecurities, regardless here's what I have to say about this issue.

I'd be happy that she expresses her enthusiasm rather than hide it. <---- That would be really important to me. I'd also enjoy every second of watching them have sex, if I were allowed to watch. I'd live vicariously through him, in a way, and enjoy seeing how she responded to feeling more "filled up". This is one the instances where I can experience compersion, yet I feel insecure when she is captivated by her other boyfriend's words and sense of humor. Ah, the irony.

My girlfriend's other boyfriend (and not her husband) has a large penis. She knows that I know that he is well endowed. She says that sex with him is great. She hasn't shown any enthusiasm for his penis, but I wish that she would be expressive about it to me. I have seen her comment enthusiastically about big penises when it has been about other people. She knows that I have a strong desire to watch them have sex. She wants for me to watch also, but he has been reluctant. I have always had a fantasy of watching a woman that I love have sex with a lover that was very well endowed. Now, the elements of this fantasy are around me, but I haven't been able to experience it.

If I were in your shoes, I'd want to watch. I'd also remember that there are many ways to have satisfying sex, and many of those ways do not include a big penis. I really do have to remember this myself. So, I pleasure her the best that I can with my penis. I also try to be very romantic on some nights. Now, I'm trying to be more raw and urgent, because that is where our sexual play is heading. I rely on being creative.

I can't give her an orgasm with my fingers or my tongue. She has to rub herself to orgasm with me. It sounds like you are able to bring your wife to orgasm with your own body in some way. Be happy about that.

I'm in the same situation as you are, but my perspective of the situation is different.

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