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Tim is not just an ex. He is your friend. Some people can't stay friends with their exes, so they don't understand that the relationship can be different. I have several exes I am friends with and we can talk about our current relationships with no weirdness. However, you referred to him in your OP as an "ex," so is there more energy or motive behind this than you really want to admit?

If it really is just out of concern for a friend, I see nothing wrong with telling him about it. You can either look into it and verify it first somehow, or tell him you heard a nasty rumor and thought he should know what someone is saying about his gf. Then just say it like you would tell any friend. Or get your bf to do it, I see nothing wrong with that either. He would just be a messenger, but you would have to make sure he doesn't paint YOU in the wrong way if he does it (always better not to have the "Telephone Game" effect).

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. . . mind your own business.
<giggle> I still see MYOB and think "Make Your Own Bed!" It always takes me a long time to connect the letters with what it really means.
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