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Default An Embarassing Insecurity

New guy over here, trying to figure out how to be entirely comfortable with the parameters and conditions of this brave new world that I find myself in these days. And I could use some advice, or at least an outside opinion. So as much as I detest being such a cliche, well, here goes...

I am having a hard time feeling secure that I 'measure up' to my wife's boyfriend. Yeah, like that. And this is really making me doubt myself, and my ability to please her. I'm pretty capable of pleasing my lady fair - I'm confident that's not an issue, hooray for inventiveness and a genuine interest in knowing what she likes and being able to deliver - but she has a definite enthusiasm for his tool of the trade that she doesn't have for mine. And while I'm telling myself the basics - this isn't a competition, she still has a great time with me, there's mutual interest, etc - it's not sinking in emotionally, and I'm struggling to become comfortable with myself in this arena again. So at the risk of being derided as perhaps a tad juvenile here, I'm soliciting advice or feedback.

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