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Hello, I'm Don. Eugene, Oregon; 54 year old. I'm "dating" (silly word) a woman who's in a very stable and beautiful polyamorous marriage. I adore her, I like and admire her husband, and we have a strong relationship emotionally, intellectually, and physically. We could never live together -- our lifestyle needs are too different -- but we absolutely click as lovers.

I see her once a week, a boundary I respect (we talk on the phone almost nightly, however). That leaves me wanting companionship on the six days between our meetings, and so I'm finding out how to connect with women who are in parallel situations.

I'm not very interested in the casual-sex scene; emotional connections and meaningful relationships are what matter to me. At the same time, I love living alone and don't see myself wanting a monogamous marriage or live-in. So polyamory is a good fit for me psychologically and behaviorally.
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