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The thing is, he knows that it pisses me off. This isn't a conversation we've had once. Or twice. But multiple times. And each time I've made it clear that as long as he expects to treat me as a mother and not do jack shit (even when asked) I'll treat him like a son and not have sex with him.

Update on Seven. He and Lamian are apparently going to be doing couple's therapy. It was one of his requirements with the latest drama the two of them had. One of the things that he is going to be bringing up is his and mine relationship. If/how it would be able to work and then what boundaries are and everything.

Even if what comes out of it is that there isn't a way for him and I to be back together I'm glad they are doing this. After nearly 3 years of fighting and both of their worries that the other has no need for them or are going in a completely different life track, they need this.
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