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very good point yoxi. I think that just like buying something new, some people enjoy obtaining new relationships in the same way. I think that might be why some people enjoy an open relationship. There is no need or expectation to go very deeply into caring about someone if you are under the definition of open.

I think the relationship that just ended for me was more an open relationship to the man I was with. I started a thread that was about this relationship ending....."emotions and their role in poly." He never said he wanted depth.... just friends with benefits. This proves to not work so well for me. At some point I need a depth and a transition into something long term with that... I don't think this man ever has reached the depth that I require. I doubt sometimes a lot of people have.... it makes me said, but I suppose it is their chose.

One night stands are the same way too really. Our friends who are new to poly recently had a one night stand with another couple who were much younger than them.... they were on top of the world about it.... was this a form of NRE about being sexy and horny and masturbating on another persons body? perhaps? I don't think they will see them again... but I have lived enough to know that it is a similar energy created in a new relationship.
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