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I have it a little bit easy that way, because Gralson works out of town and only comes home every other weekend. I'm a grad student so my life oscillates between insanely busy and just regular busy. Auto is married with kids so she's really busy too. For us, it's not so much about how to split our time, but rather how to find time for anyone.

I basically devote my Gralson-home weekends to being with him. I keep my calendar virtually clear. It's only 4 out of 14 days, so I cherish what little time we have. He usually spends half of it sleeping, and half a day on either end travelling, so it's not hard to prioritize. Auto understands this and doesn't even think about infringing on that time.

That leaves 10/14 days "open" for Auto. Since we're both really busy, we're lucky to see each other 3 out of those 10 days. We don't have a regular date night or anything, we just find time when we can. We're both in the local bi/pan-group so it gives us at least one day every other week that we're sure to see each other. She usually comes over after and we cuddle and watch tv.
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