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My "schedule" with my guys keeps getting renegotiated if any of our needs aren't being met. As of right now, after kids are dropped off at school I come back home and spend time with J until he leaves for work for noon on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday mornings I spend time with G before he goes to work. I usually see G for a bit on Friday nights when he gets out of work and sometimes he sleeps over then since J typically goes out with friends on Fridays and gets home late and I'm home with the kids and have to be to work early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. On Saturday nights I and my daughters would hang out at G's house and my girls would spend time with his daughter. The only problem with that was that G and I would doze off then I'd have to wake up and go home only to have to wake up for work a few hours later. So we renegotiated and now it looks like my daughters and I will plan to sleep over G's house on Saturdays then I'll get ready and leave for work from there. The other nights of the week I'm home with J.
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