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Started having a talk with Woodsmith regarding the lack of sex in our life. I had to restate that his abandonment of me emotionally during my depression made me not rant to be with him and next explain that I feel more like a mother than a spouse and that just icks me out to the sex idea.

Then he got pissy about the fact we don't have kink in our relationship and he wants to be able to play. I tried to explain that with him I get nothing out of play. It doesn't turn me on or give me any pleasure.

So we need to continue. I do want passion back but there needs to be terms. I won't have kink with him. I'd rather count ceiling tiles than play because it does nothing for me. He can have it elsewhere if it's important but I can't consent to something that brings me nothing. Also for us to get back to sex he needs to grow up. Do his dishes at least to the point there's no food to dry on them. Keep a calendar so he knows when he had things to do rather than not showing up or being late because he forgot. Take a shower daily because he gets really bad body post and generally goes two days or more between one. Take care of his health. I can offer advice and support (like while getting past the main addiction to smoking don't put yourself in places where you'll be tempted and set up doctors appointments) but he needs to do the work without needing constant reminders. And last, if we have to be somewhere don't stay in bed till 5 min before we need to leave, get up at least a half hour before we need to leave.

If he can't agree to those I'm fine never having sex with him again. I don't really care.
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