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Hi Snarz - and welcome !

Well, seems you're off to a bit of a rough start - but that's not atypical so I'd just chalk it up to the learning process and not get too much emotion involved with it. Like (I think Ciel said) learning to live this takes time - and some bumps & bruises.

But beyond that I'd suggest you REALLY focus on your GAD. That's really huge. Until you slay that beast it's going to impact everything in your life in a negative manner. Even little bumps will become mountains and it threatens to wreck anything positive you have going - work, school, relationships, you name it. I'd make that priority one above everything - including relationships. You already mention you are showing signs of possible dependency on your BF and trust me, there's nothing that will wreck an otherwise good relationship like dependency !

Work on YOU first - the rest will follow naturally.

We're here for you any way we can be

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