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Been a while since I posted. Didn't realize that.

The dinner with Beaker went fine. I realized during it that I have truly moved on. I did not want to get back together. I haven't seen her since she got her stuff so I wondered. Happy to see her, happy she is happy in her new relationship and work. But no need to go there again.

Tiny Cat is doing really well. If she has feline infectious peritonitis, it's not affecting her. She eats like a miniature horse, plays and generally runs around happily. She has gained weight. She would be friends with my dog but Tiny Dog is not interested. She can be a bit klutzy - for a cat. (FIP can cause neurological issues.) But otherwise she seems really healthy. Maybe just being on the street was extremely bad for her. She's a cat that likes people. She spends most of her time around me if I'm home. She would sit on my lap more if Tiny Dog was less jealous of his lap time. She runs to the door when I come home (and then acts casual when I come in - she is still a cat.) I continue to monitor her but perhaps the diagnosis was incorrect. It is a difficult disease to definitely diagnose. So I am cautiously hopeful. She goes in for a check up soon.

Tiny Dog is jealous. He would definitely prefer I remain mono-pet. I am attempting to reassure him that he is still loved and cherished, and in no danger of being replaced or removed. I hope over time he will relax and not be as jealous. We will see.

In the meantime I've decided having a cat and dog is a lot like practicing poly. Managing time is important (have I played with the cat enough? have I walked the dog thoroughly?); jealousy is an issue and new pet energy (NPE) is a thing - at least for me! Learning the ways of le chat has been fascinating. (Did you know cats play most intensely when they are hungry?) But I have had to make sure I did not neglect my primary canine.
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