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Good points, JaneQ.

Little curves and things under there? Now you've got my attention.

Okay ColorsWolf and all other participants and would-be participants on this thread, I have yet another riddle that I'll let you guys solve. Nudity = all natural, it's just a state of being. But wait, what if some poor fellow wants to be a naturist, and finds that his junk is starting to get excited? Is it time for him to cover up? Is it sexual? Is it just natural? It's not like he's *doing* anything to cause the spectacle, is he?

On a smaller scale, I suppose we could apply the same riddle to nipple arousal. Once again, the person's not doing anything to cause it, it's just happening. Okay to overlook it? Does the person need to cover up? Just playing the devil's advocate here again, questioning that fine line between sex and mere nudity.
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