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Yeah Ariakas-

That would make sense for the one who was his boss.

But his brothers KNEW me, we went to church together, the whole family knew me.

The others don't know me from tea in China and likely wouldn't recognize me if they saw me in the grocery store.

I am all for them resolving the issue and being a tight knit group of friends.

I think there is a right and a wrong way to go about it.

I don't think that going and hanging out, playing nice and saying nothing, then coming home (where they know I am) and turning around a week later to tell them that there are things that they need to change about themselves in order to be friends is going to accomplish anything but making them think that I "made" him put those rules/boundaries in place.

It would be more RESPONSIBLE in my opinion-generally AND to me and our family specifically- to be upfront BEFORE going to socialize with them.
It's not like none of these people have phones. Nor is it like the invite was presented this week.

He's had years and since the invite-he's had a month that he could have called and said "hey we need to talk, when can you and I get together?".

His take is that he will go "feel them out" Saturday, then if he thinks it's "worth it" he'll call and make arrangements to talk to them.......

Did I mention-this has been an ongoing issue (them hating me) for 14 years and I haven't left. I'm not going anywhere. My youngest child is his biologically-we're family and we're raising 4 kids. These people aren't new to the realization that this is a serious relationship-what they are new to is that we are officially a couple now.

I don't know-I think it's shitty on his part not to stand up and handle things from the get go.

(Mono-yes there is that. I know that. That's the ONLY reason I haven't stepped in and thrown a fit thus far)
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