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It's far too early for me to be up.... but alas, I am. Well let's see, my name is Amanda, I'm 18 and live in Maryland. I was introduced to polyamory when I was 16 it was why my first love left me. I'm still unsure on my standings on polyamory but at the time I was a scared, nervous, head over heels in love, believing monogomy was the only way little girl. It's only been two years, but my horizons have broaded by leaps and bounds. I don't believe my first love really cared to keep me around, he certainly could have been more patient and understanding, but I definitely overreacted and panicked cause I thought I was losing the love of my life which ultimately I did, but I think it was for the best anyway.

As it stands, I'm mostly here for curiosity, I recently aquired a polyamorus friend and for a period we considered dating and he assured me he could be monogamous if his partner wanted it. He's the reason I became more curious about the life style. As I've matured(though still have a long ways to go) I've learned a lot, and am only to eager to learn more. I'd love to have the opportunity to experiment with this breed of relationships, as unfortunately, I was never too good at learning less I could interact with it, better known as being a 'hands on' person. I wish I could just read about it and know if it was for me, though generally I've a good idea about myself, and am usually right, I have still been wrong before.

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