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I am really contemplating opening up to my parents and siblings in NY about being poly. I need to think it through some more though. I know my mother will be appalled and be quick to heap religious judgment on me. My sister will talk tons of trash about me, just because she feeds on drama. My brother won't care. I think they will all chill out long enough to meet M though, if only to be able to talk about us later.

Sigh. I am going to NY in December to run a Christmas charity that I helped to found years ago, and I would like to bring M with me. I want him to meet my oldest daughter, who is excited about meeting him, and my best friend. I cannot and will not keep him stashed away at a hotel like a dirty secret if he travels with me, when I spend time with my extended relatives.

I need to talk to him some more, and to my husband.
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