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Default Wish me luck!

Hi there

So I have recently found this site, and the whole polyamory thing, only after splitting with my ex about 18 months ago.

I signed up to OKC recently, as I finally felt ready to start looking for fun/friendship. That was both at the urging of a friend who is also single, and after reading about it on here. My friend would probably not label herself as poly, but she has been interested in hearing me talk about it.

Well, after much toing and froing on OKC, my friend and I have discovered that we are both chatting with the same guy, who lives about 90 minutes away. We discussed it, and we are both happy about the other chatting to him. We let him know that we were friends and he was not weird about it, so at the weekend when she was at mine, we Skyped with this guy and it was fun all round, lots of laughing and chatting.

We have arranged to go and meet up on Saturday, near to him (he is in a large town nearby, so we are going to go shopping first) and have coffee, all three of us.

So far, everything has been fine with no jealousy etc. So I am asking for you to wish us luck for it..... partly because of the meetup, partly because of the possible poly aspect, and partly because this is my first meetup since I split with the ex
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